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     May 2017 

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Dear Readers;  

As end of the school year looms, we wanted to dedicate this edition to the challenges associated with maintaining clean and healthy schools.

May is Asthma Awareness Month.  About 1 in 10 school age kids has asthma.  Check out our blog for an extensive list of resources available to help schools to improve indoor air quality and help prevent asthma related absences. 

Another issue in schools is illness related absenteeism.  School funding often integrates enrollment and asbsentee data into funding formulas, so keeping kids in school is important.  Learn about the key germs that make kids sick and what can be done to prevent the spread of contagious illnesses.

Many schools will be refinishing their gym floors this summer.  The gym is often the focal point of the school, so it has to look good.  If you are looking for a finish that will stay looking good throughout the year, ProFloor Extreme is the answer. 

Finally, slippery floor complaints can be an urgent issue.  Learn how to address and solve this issue on any gym floor.

Have a great holiday weekend.

Thanks for reading

Mike Tarvin                                     

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Germs that Make Our Kids Sick

Bacteria5Illness related absenteeism in schools is a big issue and has a connection to school funding.  Learn about the major germs and get some ideas on how to prevent the spread of illness.

May is Asthma Awareness Month

Fotolia_41512023_Subscription_Monthly_XXLThis post includes links to helpful resources that sales professionals can use to bring more value to their school accounts.  Start with the IAQ Indoor Air Quality Checklist for Schools, then go to the EPA's Tools for Schools webpage.


In this issue

All About Schools

Fixing Slippery Gym Floors



Germs that make our kids (and adults) sick

MAY is Asthma Awareness Month.



How to keep schools healthy and clean.

How to Keep Schools Healthy and Clean


This short video talks about how to  improve the health of school facilities to benefit the important occupants that spend a lot of time there.  

Curing Slippery Gym Floors

ball game gym 4

Gym floors that become slippery are a common and potentially hazardous problem.  Learn what causes the problem and how to fix it. 

The Toughest Gym Finish

profloorexgalVisit our Wood Floor Care webpage to learn more about ProFloor Extreme.






















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